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 Basic Information
Product Name:Dried shirataki D-3
Model No:D-3
Ingredient:Konjac flour,Wheat flour,Eggs,Salt.Food additives(β carotene)
  The processing of konjac dried noodles are according to QS exactly 
The enviroment and health has passed the ISO9001 :
2000 International Quality System.

what is the difference between the normal instand noodle and dried konjac noodle?
1. the color
the left one is konjac noodle .the right one is normal instant noodle.

2. ingredient
if you get any normal instant noodle package to see.there are more than one.two.three.... food additives.
but the konjac dried noodle is only one.

3.the calorie percentage
the average normal instant noodle is 400KCAL.our konjac noodle's calorie can be reached 100KCAL.
that means even the one who calimed its the low calorie instant noodle. it is will be much more than konjac noodle.

4.the konjac dried noodle is Sugar free. not fried noodle.

5.the taste
Litter flavor of konjac dried noodle's own.Easily absorbs the favlors of any soup. dish or sauce.

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